Freeman Technology Events

28 October - 02 November 2018

Tim Freeman to present:

"Optimising Powder Properties for DPI Capsule Filling Performance" & "Optimising Granulate Formulation through Uniaxial Powder Testing" in the Particle Technology Forum Poster Session - 30 October at 3.30pm

"Evaluating Electrostatic Charging of Powders - the Challenges" & "Optimising Powder Properties for DPI Capsule Filling Performance" in the Characterization and Measurement in Powder Processing Session - 1 November at 12.30pm

David L Lawrence Convention Center, PA, USA

31 October - 01 November 2018

Micromeritics Stand H5

National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK

04 - 07 November 2018

John Yin to present "Uniaxial Powder Testing for Evaluating and Improving Granulate Formulation" on 6 November at 11.30am (Forum 6 / Monitor Number 4) and "Identifying Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) for DPI Capsule Filling Performance" on 6 November at 10.30am (Forum 6 / Monitor 45)

Booth #2534

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, USA

21 - 23 February 2019

Booth #W5-M14

Shanghai, China

13 - 14 March 2019

Dr Rajeev Dattani to present "Powder Characterisation for Powder Metallurgy"

Manchester, UK

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20 - 22 March 2019

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Shanghai, China

09 - 11 April 2019

Freeman Technology to present "In-Line Measurement of Mixed State Systems using a Drag Force Flow Sensor", "Understanding and Measuring Triboelectric Behaviour of Powders", "The Application of Powder Rheology to Assess Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Performance", "Optimising Granulate Formulation through Uniaxial Powder Testing", "Assessing the Influence of Elevated Temperature on the Flowability of Powders", and "Magnetically Assisted Impaction Coating (MAIC) for Blending Optimising"

Stand 4-547

Nuremberg, Germany

30 April - 01 May 2019

Booth #130

I-X Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

20 - 23 May 2019

Cobo Center, Detriot, Michigan, USA