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Wednesday 27 July 2016

We are pleased to announce the release of three new application notes, ‘Particle Size Independent Variation of Bulk Excipients’, ’Sachet Filling’ and ‘Characterising Variable Performance in Ceramic Hot Isostatic Pressing’.

‘Particle Size Independent Variation of Bulk Excipients’ presents a study using the FT4 Powder Rheometer® to identify and quantify variations in batches of excipients that contribute to differences in in-process performance. This enables a design space of acceptable raw material properties to be established, which is an essential part of Quality by Design.

‘Sachet Filling’ is widely employed in the food and pharmaceutical industry and it’s imperative that the process produces consistent, uniform fill throughout an entire production, with low weight variation and high content uniformity. This study illustrates how formulations can be optimised by using the FT4 to identify the properties of powders or blends that are conducive to efficient processing and a high quality final product.

‘Characterising Variable Performance in Ceramic Hot Isostatic Pressing’, in the production of certain high performance ceramics, spray-dried particles of milled material are filled into a die and isostatically pressed, followed by sintering to generate a finished product. In the production of such specialised products, it is important that the sintering process does not unduly alter the shape of the part. The application note presents a study where the FT4 is used to predict process behaviour and construct a design space of process-relevant measurements.

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