We are recruiting!

Friday 22 April 2016

Freeman Technology is a multiple Queen’s Award winning company, headquartered in the UK, from where it designs, manufactures and sells scientific instruments for the measurement of powder properties. Its products are recognised globally as the leaders in their field and are utilised by multinational companies in sectors as diverse as pharmaceutical, chemical, toner, food and ceramics.

We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

Laboratory Technician, UK

The primary responsibilities of this role are to efficiently perform all tasks relating to our powder testing laboratory as well as provide a contribution to customer support in the form of testing, data interpretation and powder processing issues.

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Product Manager, Germany

The company has been operating remotely in Germany for over 12 years but increased demand for the company’s primary product, the FT4 Powder Rheometer®, means that we are now seeking an experienced Product Manager to conduct sales operations in Germany. The role will encompass all activities required to promote the company’s technology including visits to prospective customers for presentations, and demonstration of the company’s products, combined with telephone and email promotion to accelerate sales in the region. The role will be supported in marketing and administrative activities by an experienced and dedicated team at the UK Headquarters. The UK team will also provide applications and service support to new and existing users in the region.

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Software & Systems Engineer, UK

The primary responsibilities of this role is to develop software for the company’s line of analytical instrumentation. As the lead Software Engineer you will be responsible for driving forward and shaping the design and development of C# software applications for the next generation of laboratory instrumentation and integrating the various packages with the relevant hardware/firmware

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To apply, please email your CV to jobs@freemantech.co.uk.