• About Freeman Technology
    Freeman Technology specialise in providing instruments for the measurement of powder
    flow properties and other behavioural characteristics of powders. With over 14 years’
    experience dedicated to powder characterisation we have developed an
    instrument and application understanding that is class leading.
  • The FT4 Powder Rheometer
    Our customers are those in formulation, process development, commercial manufacture, QA/QC and
    technical services, across industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramics, toners, food, powder
    coatings, additive manufacturing and many more. If you work with powders, either in a research or production
    capacity, the FT4 is likely to provide valuable information about the flow properties and other behavioural characteristics
    of your materials that is simply not available from other technologies. Click here to view our customer testimonials.
  • Why are powders complex?
    Powders are blends of solids, liquids and gases, usually air, and their flow properties
    may be affected by perhaps 30 or more factors. These include particle characteristics
    such as size, shape and surface properties, environmental factors such as air content,
    temperature and vibration, and chemical interactions leading to adhesion and caking.
  • Why is powder behaviour difficult to predict?
    There is no single measureable parameter that defines how a powder will flow, mix,
    feed, granulate, fill, convey, compress or behave in any other process operation.
    The approach taken in the design of the FT4 is to simulate, as closely as possible on
    the instrument, the environment that the powder experiences in the process or
    application and to measure its response to those conditions.
  • Choosing a Powder Tester’ provides guidance on selecting the most suitable instrumentation. It considers
    questions such as ‘what makes powder testing complex?’ and ‘what should I look for in a powder testing method?’
    allowing readers to make an informed decision when sourcing an appropriate measurement technology. The
    second in a series of three educational guides, the booklet is a follow up to the highly popular ‘An Introduction to
    Powders’ which explains the fundamental principles of powder behaviour.

    At this year’s event there will be two opportunities to meet with the team. Register here today to secure your place at
    our seminar being held at NCC Ost on the 29th September or visit us on stand 5-425.
    Freeman Technology will present ‘Choosing a Powder Tester’ at Powtech 2014

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Freeman Technology to present ‘Choosing a Powder Tester’ at Powtech 2014

At Powtech 2014 (30 Sept – 2 Oct, Nürnberg, Germany), Freeman Technology, the powder characterisation specialists, will present ‘Choosing a Powder Tester’. When evaluating powder testers, there is no shortage of options; this new booklet provides guidance on selecting the ...

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Freeman Technology, a global leader in powder characterisation, has launched a new website, providing an authoritative knowledge base for formulation scientists, process engineers and product developers working with powders. The new site provides a detailed overview of the complexity of ...

Freeman Technology unveils a new guide to powder behaviour

Freeman Technology, a global leader in powder characterisation, has published a new educational guide entitled An Introduction to Powders. Written in a straightforward, easy to understand style, the new booklet explains how and why powders behave the way they do, ...

Research Instruments Distributor

Freeman Technology is pleased to announce that we have signed an exclusive and country-wide distribution agreement in Malaysia and Singapore with Research Instruments. We will be working closely with them to ensure a smooth and efficient transition in supporting ...

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