Optimize your process by understanding powder behavior

Visit Freeman Technology, the powder flow specialists, on booth #318 to learn about the importance of understanding powder flow and behavior. Experts will be available to demonstrate the FT4 Powder Rheometer®, a universal powder flow tester, which uses unique dynamic methodologies, various bulk property tests and a fully automated shear ... read more

Using dynamic powder testing in DPI development

In a recent Q&A with OINDP (Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Products), Jamie Clayton, Operations Director at Freeman Technology, discusses dynamic powder testing and why it is valuable for DPI development.

'Powder behavior is highly dependent on the conditions to which the powder is subjected – for example, think of ... read more

Modern tools for hopper design

Although there are well-established methodologies for hopper design, many process engineers are uncertain as to how to measure powders in the prescribed way, extract the necessary parameters from recorded data, and successfully apply them. As a result, hopper design and the powder testing associated with it is often outsourced to ... read more

Invitation to Material Characterization Day - Powder Rheology and Beyond - 9 October 2019

Freeman Technology and Micromeritics will be hosting a ‘Material Characterization Day’ on the 9th October 2019 at the recently opened Micromeritics facility in Unterschleissheim, Germany.

The free one-day event will introduce delegates to the applications and benefits of material characterization and powder rheology.

The day will be split into three sections:

Transitioning to in-line powder flowability measurement

The flow properties of powders are a topic of significant industrial interest. The flowability of intermediates routinely impacts manufacturing efficiency, for example the maximum achievable tableting rate for a pharmaceutical formulation, while for products as diverse as powder coatings, fertilizers, metal and milk powders flow properties directly influence performance, and ... read more

Developing an effective metal powder specification for binder jet 3D printing

Binder jet 3D printing or binder jetting is an established metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology with notable advantages relative to other metal additive processes. Build times tend to be relatively fast, and large-scale structures are readily manufactured. Binding powder layers during processing, rather than thermally fusing them, avoids the build-up ... read more