A new PAT for wet granulation

Over the past decade the symbiotic nature of Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) has become clear. In the simplest of terms QbD systematically identifies what must be measured, and controlled, while PAT provides the necessary measurements, in the required timeframe. Wet granulation, and more specifically high ... read more

The influence of flow additives on powder behaviour

Freeman Technology is pleased to announce the release of ‘The Influence of Flow Additives on Powder Behaviour’.

A typical problem with powders is that they can have inherently poor flow properties which can result in undesirable behaviour, such as inconsistent discharge rates or adherence to the surfaces of equipment, and ... read more

AZO Technology Day October 2018

AZO, specialists for the automation of raw materials and processes, are hosting a technology day on the 16th October in Burton-upon-Trent, UK.

Topics will include:

  • Allergen separation and avoidance of cross-contamination
  • Screening
  • Container handling
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • ATEX – system safey by explosion prevention and protection

For more details on the event, and to register, please visit the ... read more

Want to know what our customers have said about us?

Customer feedback is very important to us at Freeman Technology.

"The delivery of the instrument was perfect in every way. The instrument is very well designed and seems extremely robust and user friendly. But most important is the brilliant user interfacing of the system software. I've never ever had any experience ... read more

Powder flow seminar series continues in Pennsylvania, USA

Powder flow specialists, Freeman Technology will continue their ‘Powder Flow Seminar’ series on October 3rd 2018 at LPW Technology’s facility in Imperial, PA. The free one-day event will hear leaders in the field discuss the applications of powder rheology in Additive Manufacturing.

The seminar will include presentations from John Yin, Product ... read more

Powder characterization techniques for capsule filling

Capsules are widely used to provide metered doses for oral and pulmonary drug delivery. For oral administration fill weights are typically in the range 50 to 500 mg but for dry powder inhalers, dose size is far smaller, principally within the range 0.5 to 15 mg. These smaller volumes, in ... read more

FULLY BOOKED - Free Powder Flow Seminar in Dettelbach, Germany

Freeman Technology, the powder characterisation specialists, will be hosting a ‘Powder Flow Seminar’ on the 12th September 2018 at the Akzent Hotel Franziskaner in Dettelbach, Germany.

The free one-day event will introduce delegates to the benefits of powder rheology. The seminar will include presentations from Daniel Weber, Product Manager at Freeman ... read more

Speaking your language

Fresh onto our YouTube channel are translated versions of the popular ‘Introduction to Powders’ and ‘Uniaxial Powder Testing’ animations. We’re delighted to extend their accessibility with versions now available in Italian, German and Japanese. These short videos provide a quick, easy to understand introduction to each topic.

There ... read more