Powder characterization techniques for capsule filling

Capsules are widely used to provide metered doses for oral and pulmonary drug delivery. For oral administration fill weights are typically in the range 50 to 500 mg but for dry powder inhalers, dose size is far smaller, principally within the range 0.5 to 15 mg. These smaller volumes, in ... read more

FULLY BOOKED - Free Powder Flow Seminar in Dettelbach, Germany

Freeman Technology, the powder characterisation specialists, will be hosting a ‘Powder Flow Seminar’ on the 12th September 2018 at the Akzent Hotel Franziskaner in Dettelbach, Germany.

The free one-day event will introduce delegates to the benefits of powder rheology. The seminar will include presentations from Daniel Weber, Product Manager at Freeman ... read more

Speaking your language

Fresh onto our YouTube channel are translated versions of the popular ‘Introduction to Powders’ and ‘Uniaxial Powder Testing’ animations. We’re delighted to extend their accessibility with versions now available in Italian, German and Japanese. These short videos provide a quick, easy to understand introduction to each topic.

There ... read more

Micromeritics Instrument Corp. acquires Freeman Technology

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of premium products for advanced material characterisation, today announced the acquisition of Freeman Technology. Freeman Technology specialises in providing instruments for the measurement of powder flow properties and other behavioural properties of powders. Freeman Technology, located in Tewkesbury, UK, manufactures instruments which deliver ... read more

Powder flow seminar hosted by Freeman Technology - 18 July

Freeman Technology, the powder characterisation specialists, will be hosting a ‘Powder Flow Seminar’ on the 18th July 2018 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, UK.

The free one-day event will introduce delegates to powder characterisation and its relevance to industry. The workshop will include presentations by Jamie Clayton, Operations Director at Freeman ... read more

Embracing QbD and PAT

In recent decades, the pharmaceutical industry has employed innovative, cutting edge technology to undertake research, and to develop new drugs which deliver immense value to society. In comparison, there has been relatively little emphasis on manufacturing processes, so many of these products are still typically produced using batch processes that ... read more

Optimising powder handling processes at IFT18

Powder characterization specialists, Freeman Technology, will be exhibiting on booth #S4673. The company offers material characterization solutions aimed at optimizing process performance, increasing productivity and improving quality in a diverse range of sectors, including the food industry.

Freeman Technology’s instrumentation includes the flagship FT4 Powder Rheometer®, a unique and comprehensive powder ... read more

Choosing the right dosator for DPI dosing

In a recent article, published in OnDrugDelivery, Freeman Technology and 3P Innovation dicuss the operation of dosators for reliable and accurate filling of DPI capsules and blisters, elaborating on a case study that demonstrates the value of analysing the dynamic properties of a powder in order to determine a profile ... read more