Choosing the right dosator for DPI dosing

In a recent article, published in OnDrugDelivery, Freeman Technology and 3P Innovation dicuss the operation of dosators for reliable and accurate filling of DPI capsules and blisters, elaborating on a case study that demonstrates the value of analysing the dynamic properties of a powder in order to determine a profile ... read more

Freeman Technology discusses optimising powder handling processes at ACHEMA 2018

Powder characterisation specialists, Freeman Technology, will be presenting at the upcoming ACHEMA exhibition and congress (11-15 June 2018, Frankfurt, Germany). Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from members of the Freeman team throughout the congress; where topics include predicting screw feeder performance (12 June at 15:00), the influence of ... read more

Exploring the impact of humidity on bulk powder properties

In a series of editorials with CPhI, Tim Freeman (Managing Director, Freeman Technology) looks at variables that can impact powder behaviour. In his most recent article he explores the impact of humidity on bulk powder properties. Moisture can significantly influence powder behaviour, especially flow properties and quantifying its effect ... read more

New powder flow testing solutions at Interphex Japan 2018

Freeman Technology (Kobe City, Japan), a global leader in the field of powder flow testing, will be exhibiting new instrumentation at Interphex Japan in the Materials Process Zone of East Hall 3, booth E4-16, (27 – 29 June 2018). This year the company will be demonstrating pioneering new technology for ... read more

New application note on capsule filling

Freeman Technology is pleased to announce the release of ‘Capsule Filling’.

Formulations delivered in capsule form require suitable characteristics to ensure a precise and accurate fill of the dosing capsule. This application note presents a study using the FT4 Powder Rheometer to evaluate three powdered formulations used in the production of ... read more

FT4 Powder Rheometer supports metal processing industries

Powders play an integral part in the production of many products and it is widely acknowledged that they are challenging to handle. It is therefore vital for engineers and processors to have a good understanding of powder behaviour in order to optimise productivity and improve quality. This is particularly applicable ... read more

Top 10 tips for powder characterisation

Powders are widely recognised as presenting a tougher processing challenge than gases and liquids, and relevant characterisation can be equally demanding.

From recognising the difference between powders and particles to understanding the limitations of a single number approach. Jamie Clayton, Operations Director at Freeman Technology, shares some critical insights about powder ... read more