The FT4 Powder Rheometer is a great tool to study various aspects of complex bulk powder properties. The ability to modify the test set-up with different accessories helps investigating versatile effects of changes in powder composition or powder processing. Especially, the testing of aerated powders and studying the changes in shear behaviour of surface modified particles has helped us with regards to an improved understanding of subsequent de-agglomeration of powders in inhalation drug products. In combination with the above-average support provided by Freeman Technology, the universal powder tester has become a highly appreciated test equipment in our labs.

Prof Dr Hartwig H Steckel
Professor & Director
Christian Albrecht University Kiel

The FT4 has been an invaluable tool for us here at Intertek Melbourn for measuring the rheological properties of our clients' powder products. In addition to this, the support from the team at Freeman Technology has given us an applied understanding of the technology, and has ensured that our clients are able to maximise the usefulness of the technique. The training day hosted by Freeman Technology was particularly useful in increasing our analyst’s understanding of the equipment and its multiple applications, knowledge that can then be demonstrated to our clients.

Mark Hammond
Intertek Melbourn

The software and procedures are the best designed software I have worked with for lab equipment. The instrument is extremely user friendly and it took only minutes to run our first test. The Product Manager and the rest of the Freeman team were extremely prompt and responsive.

Dr Steven Vilt
Staff Engineer

Since we’ve acquired the FT-4 (the first one in Brazil by the way) many companies have contacted us showing their problems in handling solids materials and asking for solutions. This has showed us how bulk solids handling is misunderstood in our country. Very basic Scientific works were developed at FEI to help our collaborators that consisted only in well characterised powders. In this task the FT-4 was fabulous because it offers the best possible measurement capability. It was evident to us that a free flowing powder hasn’t necessarily got better permeability, a test till now unknown by so many companies that becomes indispensable.

Prof Dr Rodrigo Condotta

FEI - Fundacao Educacional Inaciana - Pe. Saboia de Medeiros

Very happy with the excellent service provided by Freeman Technology. The MTC includes a world-class Powder Analysis centre and the Freeman FT4 is an integral piece of equipment within our Laboratory. The technical support and help given with regards to data analysis and interpretation is very much appreciated. (The MTC undertakes industrially driven research, working with world-class research partners, transferring cutting edge technologies into manufacturing processes in industry)

Martin Perkins
Laboratory Supervisor
Manufacturing Technology Centre

I experienced the highest level of service and support from Freeman Tech. The Freeman Technology FT4 is an excellent instrument for powder flow characterization and is extremely well supported by knowledgeable technical resources. I have experience with this instrument and company when working as a Senior Engineer at a previous employer and I would recommend it without reservation.

Dr Dawn Downey
Senior Engineer
Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

We have used the Freeman Technology FT4 for over 4 years. The range of characterization provided by the FT4 has proven to be a great asset to our ongoing research of powder behavior and dynamics. In addition, the members of the Freeman Technology team are available for discussions regarding everything from routine maintenance to data analysis assistance to theoretical topics.

Fernando Muzzio
Distinguished Professor
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey

Excellent software, easy to use.

Mahesh Venkatachalam
Staff Scientist
The Hershey Company