FT4 is a great piece of equipment. We use it to characterize field crop and vegetable seeds and powders of various nature. The instructions, the initial training and the follow up training is outstanding. The Freeman Applications team is very prompt in getting back to us and answering our questions.

Dr Raja Rao
Seed Technology Scientist
Monsanto Company

At AEL Mining Services we have used the FT4 to identify the best binder for spray drying pyrotechnic delay compositions. The FT4 also allowed us to optimise the binder content in the pyrotechnic formulation and minimise breaking of the spray dried particles during processing. The FT4 was also used to identify the most suitable flow agent for PETN (pentaerythritoltetranitrate) which is used as the base charge in detonators manufactured on automated detonator manufacturing plant. The FT4 enabled us to optimise the quantity of flow additive added as well as the mixing time. We were also able to identify differences in PETN batches produced at AEL Mining Services w.r.t. conditioned bulk density, specific energy, basic flow energy and stability. Personally I have found after sales service excellent w.r.t. training done at Freeman Technology in the UK, servicing and updating of our instrument in South Africa and assistance from Freeman Technology experts in developing specific tests for the explosives industry.

Etienne Cloete
Senior Technologist
African Explosives Limited

We have found the Freeman FT4 Powder Rheometer helps our clients identify differences in flow properties between formulations, suppliers and products. The FT4 provides a comprehensive set of analyses for distinguishing bulk property differences which are impacted by the micro-scale properties our inhouse particle characterization techniques provide. This, in combination with Freeman's knowledgeable and helpful technical experts, allow us to provide additional added value to our clients.

William Kopeski
Director of Analytical Services
Particle Technology Labs

Freeman Technology service was the best that I have experienced in 15 years, from start to finish.

Michael Blassingame
Laboratory Technician
Lexmark International Inc

Very good customer service with short reaction time. Lots of information regarding interpretation of measurements very helpful. Good documentation of procedures.

Simon Spring
Project Manager Engineering
Rychiger AG

Use of FT4 rheometer has been a considerable improvement in our daily process control. It allows us to offer our customers a range of products providing adequate flow parameters and be able to maintain this quality over time. Furthermore, we are also very satisfied with the personalized assistance service that FreemanTechnology offers, both maintenance visits that FreemanTechnology technicians perform annually to Spain, as after sales monitoring conducted from headquarters

José Gargori Reverter
Laboratorio de Pigmentos Asistencia
Colorobbia Espana SA

All the FreemanTech employees that I’ve come in contact with have been wonderful and helpful.

Holly Bertrand
Research Chemist
FMC BioPolymer

CEA includes a Powder Analysis centre. To improve this department, we have purchased a Freeman FT4 Powder Rheometer. The instrument is currently undergoing internal qualification and during this step, we very much appreciate Freeman’s technical support and assistance with data interpretation. We also appreciate their help in developing bespoke test programs which are optimised for our use. The target of the qualification step is to optimise use of the rheometer before installation in a glovebox for testing nuclear materials.

Jacques Schultis

CEA Cadarache