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Powder Flow Instrumentation

Freeman Technology provides world leading powder flow testing solutions with instruments used across a diverse range of industries, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramics, toners, food, powder coatings and additive manufacturing.  If you work with powders, either in a research or production capacity, our products can provide valuable information about powder flow properties and other behavioural characteristics of your materials that other technologies simply don’t deliver. 

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Powder Flow - Dishwasher Tablets

Material characterisation webinars

From leading products to industry experts, Micromeritics helps open new horizons in Material Characterisation. Meaningful measurements and analyses that provide accurate and reproducible data are built on basic understanding and in-depth application know-how.

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Powder flow and powder behaviour

FT4 Powder Rheometer

Comprehensive powder flow characterisation 

The FT4, the flagship product from Freeman Technology, is a universal powder flow tester. The range of measurement capabilities the FT4 provides makes it the world's most versatile powder testing instrument for measuring and understanding powder flow and powder behaviour.

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FT4 Powder Rheometer - Universal Powder Flow Tester 

Powder Rheology

Understanding powder flow and powder behaviour

There is no single measurable parameter that defines how a powder will flow, mix, feed, granulate, fill, convey, compress or behave in any other process operation. Our powder testing instrumentation is designed to help users in the field solve their powder handling challenges.  

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FT4 Powder Rheometer®

Comprehensive Powder Characterisation - a universal powder flow tester for the characterisation of the flow properties of powders and bulk powder behaviour.

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Featured Article

Powder Rheology

Despite their ubiquity powders continue to present challenges during product development, manufacturing, and in quality assurance.

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Working with Powders

Learn how powder characterisation enables the detailed analysis of powder flow properties.

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I've never ever had any experience with any other instrument that was so positive as with the FT4 Powder Tester.

Dr Arij Tinke - Principal Scientist Powder Characterization

Janssen Research & Development (a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV), Belgium

I use the FT4 to answer most all of my powder characterization questions and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you to Freeman Technology for enriching the capabilities of my laboratory and helping us solve our applied powder application questions.

Bellamarie Ludwig - Associate Research Professor

The Pennsylvania State University, USA

If we’re considering a new supplier or a customer brings us a new powder to print with, then we can determine with a high degree of confidence whether it will work and if so how to process it, simply from test data. Without the FT4 this just wasn’t possible.

Andrew Klein - Director of R&D

ExOne Company, USA

When powder testing unlocks throughput gains like this it can easily deliver savings of up to 50 – 100 times the cost of the instrument.

Todd Mollner - Global Product Owner

GlaxoSmithKline, USA