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We use all the test capabilities of the FT4 Powder Rheometer, because different dynamic, shear and bulk powder properties are relevant to different process steps. The design criteria for powder transportation equipment allow us to choose between a pneumatic conveying system and a fluid diaphragm pump which costs around one-third of the price. This equates to a saving of ~300,000 Kr (~£40,000) on every installation that we successfully tackle with the less expensive option.

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Ninna Halberg Jokil - Manager, Global Manufacturing Development

Haldor Topsøe, Denmark

We use an FT4 Powder Rheometer from Freeman Technology which we’ve had for a couple of years now and we use it to assess every powder used. A unique attraction of the FT4 is that it measures dynamic, shear and bulk powder properties, and in fact, metrics of all three types form our routine screen… If we’re considering a new supplier or a customer brings us a new powder to print with, then we can determine with a high degree of confidence whether it will work and if so how to process it, simply from test data. Without the FT4 this just wasn’t possible.

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Andrew Klein - Director of R&D

ExOne Company, USA

The powder tester I use most is our powder rheometer (FT4 Powder Rheometer, Freeman Technology) because we can run a whole gamut of tests with it, and we have, for just about every powder we use. It allows me to investigate flow properties, aeration behaviour and permeability, compressibility and to generate shear data which are particularly helpful for hopper troubleshooting. And it’s easy to use as the instrument pretty much defines what you need to do…. Furthermore, it can be too easy to lose sight of just how much its costing to be sub-optimal with respect to raw materials because of incremental changes, made over time, to cope. For example, we had a legacy product that came with the advice ‘don’t change any of the materials’. Over time that became impractical and as a result tableting rates had steadily decreased by around 50%. When powder testing unlocks throughput gains like this it can easily deliver savings of up to 50 – 100 times the cost of the instrument.

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Todd Mollner - Global Product Owner

GlaxoSmithKline, USA

Having the FT4 powder rheometer in our laboratory has broadened our characterization capabilities and enhanced our understanding of a very specialized powder application. The archaic characterization practices of days gone by told us very little about our powder processing results as lot differences were very difficult to quantify by these methods. With the FT4, our ability to see small changes as a result of changing parameters has been greatly improved and we have a very thorough set of data from which to draw conclusions. I am very grateful for the incredible customer support which Freeman Technology supplies on a weekly basis for me. The training provided was incredibly valuable for practical aspects of using the FT4 and data interpretation. I use the FT4 to answer most all of my powder characterization questions and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you to Freeman Technology for enriching the capabilities of my laboratory and helping us solve our applied powder application questions.

Bellamarie Ludwig - Associate Research Professor

The Pennsylvania State University, USA

The delivery of the instrument was perfect in every way.  The instrument is very well designed and seems extremely robust and user friendly.  But most important is the brilliant user interfacing of the system software.  I've never ever had any experience with any other instrument that was so positive as with the FT4 Powder Tester.  The Freeman Technology FT4 powder tester makes my days.

In the pharmaceutical industry, powder characterization is often limited by the availability of rather small quantities of powder. Since a large portion of the pharmaceutical powders demonstrate a cohesive tendency, special attention needs to be paid to the design of any piece of powder characterization equipment. Seen from this perspective, the Freeman Technology FT4 powder tester has demonstrated to be my perfect partner in the powder characterization lab. Its design, functioning and user interfacing are extremely well thought of, and its analytical performance is truly superb. Moreover, at Freeman Technology a team of experts is always available for any immediate scientific and technical support. Having an FT4 powder tester on the lab, I just wonder now how in the world I ever could have worked without it.

Dr Arij Tinke - Principal Scientist Powder Characterization

Janssen Research & Development (a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV), Belgium

The Freeman FT4 Powder Rheometer has become a vital part of our characterisation activities in the Formulation Development and PAT Research Centre in the Institute of Technology, Dublin. Our commercial pharmaceutical projects involve bulk characterisation measurements of both excipients and solid dose formulations. The FT4 has proven to be exceptionally reliable and capable of an impressive range of Bulk and Dynamic Powder measurements and makes a significant contribution in powder characterisation. In addition the User Interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Back up service and technical advice is very professional and the support services from Freeman are top class. 

Dr Ed Carey - Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Institute of Technology Tallaght (IIT Dublin), Republic of Ireland

The Freeman FT-4 is excellent hardware, but the real advantage is in the software and support.  It is easy (relativity) to make good laboratory hardware, but as with most pieces of equipment the secret lies in the software and ease of operation.  Freeman has taken what is learned based on user feedback and incorporated this learning directly into the software.  The application support after the sale is also a major factor.  They truly want the users to succeed with the FT-4 in understanding the powder properties.  We do to work with typical powders and they have been very helpful designing custom test procedures with us to help understand what our powder is actually going through. 

Rob Romeo - Advanced Technical Service Technologist

Dyneon LLC (3M), USA

The FT4 Rheometer is complementing our laboratory for 10 years, where we are using about 20 other laboratory apparatuses to determine the product properties of bulk solids. This equipment is necessary to choose the appropriate filling technology on basis  of a product sample. The FT4 Rheometer enables us to determine the characteristic values of flowability quickly and reproducibly. The simple handling and the automated procedure minimize the sources of error by the operator. The results like maximum energy and torque are directly integrated in the product analysis. The results of the FT4 Rheometer are an inherent part of our product analysis. With help of the generated curve the procedure can easily be read out. This makes it easier to recognize and compare quality variations of different products. The option to aerate the product from below allows to recognize what forces are necessary to move the product in normal and aerated condition. The simple handling in shear test and the wide spectrum of applications make the FT4 absolutely essential. Except for the calibration which can be carried out independently, there is practically no maintenance  needed. The FT4 Rheometer works very reliably so that we haven’t experienced any failure so far.

Dr Thomas Hilling - Manager, Research & Development Center

Haver & Boecker OHG, Germany

Through using the FT4 (in particular the Stability/Variable Flow Rate and Compressibility tests), we have been able to research specific characteristics of our products and have found ways to improve the flowability of our products. The Wall Friction test has also been extremely useful. It has enabled us to predict whether a coating will provide a benefit to the flow properties of our material without the need for expensive full-scale trials. 

Additionally, the personnel we have worked with at Freeman Technology have provided outstanding customer service. Whether it’s helping us decide which test is best to use and modifying it for us, assisting us if we have a problem, or even helping us understand the results we’ve generated – they’re always extremely helpful! 

Natalie Mayer - Research Technologist

Sugar Manufacturer, UK

The FT4 Powder Rheometer has become an essential tool to investigate the flow and caking behavior of our products. It is a versatile instrument that can be adapted to our needs (aeration, shear cell  testing, etc). The modularity of the software allowed us to customize to a great level of detail each test. Whenever needed, some accessories were available from or even custom built by Freeman Technology. Their customer service is very good, we have always had a quick response and our requests are met straight away treated by experts with whom communication has been very valuable.

Edgar Chavez - Group Leader, Food Physics & Structure, Science Department

Nestle Orbe, Switzerland

Our FT4 apparatus is a wonderful equipment allowing fast characterisation of numerous powder flow properties in various conditions of mechanical stresses. Food ingredients, products, and encapsulated powders of diverse origins have been successfully analysed by the numerous standard tests which permitted us to sort investigated food powders according to their ability to flow in low- and high-stress environments, sensitivity to aeration, suitability for compression processes, etc. Besides, user-defined tests, developed with the flawless assistance of Freeman technology principal application specialist, were employed for instance to investigate aeration behaviour at high flow velocities or “springback” behaviour of compressible, fibrous powders; this possibility to adapt analytical conditions to specific needs makes the FT4 apparatus almost mandatory for food powder applications specialists.

Dr Jeremy Petit - Assistant Professor

ENSAIA - Universite de Lorraine, France

Our research laboratory aims at responding to the challenges linked with the development and characterization of new materials and particulate solids with controlled usage properties with regard to the processes. We use the Freeman FT4 for different studies.  We are very satisfied with the performance of this equipment, the technical support of FREEMAN, and the advices and different discussions about measurements and data interpretations.

Laurent Devriendt - Technicien de laboratoire, Centre Poudres et Procedes

Ecole des Mines D'Albi, France

FT4 is a very versatile equipment with high degree of precision and reproducibility. It is a very valuable tool for a solid dosage formulator to design and optimize formulations with a small scale (<30 grams) of product. It is also a great tool for process trouble shooting. The technical support from FreemanTechnology is super. You can expect responses within 24 hours.

Dr Shau Yen - Senior Fellow, Pharmaceutical & Analytical Development TRD

Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland

We've purchased FT4 in our Laboratory of Bulk Materials at Technical University of Ostrava, (Czech Republic) and we're very satisfied.  The FT4 Powder Rheometer is a very useful and multilateral device to measure mechanical and physical properties of powders. Especially the combination of user defined advanced tests with aeration unit gives a huge potential in fluidization and pneumatic conveying research.

Ing Jakub Hlosta - Junior Researcher/PhD Student, Laboratory of Bulk Materials

Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

As a particle technology contract manufacturer, my company relies heavily on robust, state of the art analytical techniques for measuring powders. The FT4 fills this role nicely. Its software is by far and away the best software I have used for any analytical instrument. It is very good at walking me through each test setup without adding extra work. I have only been working with the FT4 for a short time, but I feel confident in running each test available on the instrument. Their customer support is always prompt and very helpful when I have questions. Working with Freeman Technology is very easy and pleasant.

Dr Charles Bowman - Principal Research Scientist


Fantastic training and equipment.  Applications Specialist is very friendly and professional and we enjoyed our time with him.  The equipment is the most professionally designed and user friendly equipment we've used.

Eli Crossman - Senior Scientist

Procter & Gamble, USA

We decided to acquire the FT4 Powder Rheometer to investigate its use as a possible powder development tool for additive manufacturing. Several studies in the literature showed its efficiency and its extreme sensitivity to even really small changes in powders characteristics. Conventional flowability characterization techniques such as Hall flowmeter, angle of repose or density-based methods showed their limitations to identify the small powder behavior changes, hence the need of a more sensitive and accurate characterization tool such as the FT4 Powder Rheometer. We just start working with the instrument, it is very well designed and the user interface of the system software is really easy to use. The provided documentation is very detailed and the customer service is outstanding.

Salah Eddine Brika - PhD Candidate

Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Canada

The Systems Engineer was wonderful helping me with the FT4 programming and trouble shooting.  His response was always quick and accurate.

A Global Chemical Company


 The ability to modify the test set-up with different accessories helps investigating versatile effects of changes in powder composition or powder processing. Especially, the testing of aerated powders and studying the changes in shear behaviour of surface modified particles has helped us with regards to an improved understanding of subsequent de-agglomeration of powders in inhalation drug products. In combination with the above-average support provided by Freeman Technology, the universal powder tester has become a highly appreciated test equipment in our labs. The FT4 Powder Rheometer is a great tool to study various aspects of complex bulk powder properties.

Prof Dr Hartwig H Steckel - Professor & Director, Dept of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics

Christian Albrecht University Kiel, Germany

The FT4 has been an invaluable tool for us here at Intertek Melbourn for measuring the rheological properties of our clients' powder products.  In addition to this, the support from the team at Freeman Technology has given us an applied understanding of the technology, and has ensured that our clients are able to maximise the usefulness of the technique.  The training day hosted by Freeman Technology was particularly useful in increasing our analyst’s understanding of the equipment and its multiple applications, knowledge that can then be demonstrated to our clients.

Mark Hammond - CEO

Intertek Melbourn, UK

The software and procedures are the best designed software I have worked with for lab equipment.  The instrument is extremely user friendly and it took only minutes to run our 1st test.  The Product Manager and the rest of the Freeman team were extremely prompt and responsive.

Dr Steven Vilt - Senior Engineer, Pharmaceutical, Technical Operations

BASF Corporation

Since we’ve acquired the FT-4 (the first one in Brazil by the way) many companies have contacted us showing their problems in handling solids materials and asking for solutions. This has showed us how bulk solids handling is misunderstood in our country. Very basic scientific works were developed at FEI to help our collaborators that consisted only in well characterised powders. In this task the FT-4 was fabulous because it offers the best possible measurement capability. It was evident to us that a free flowing powder hasn’t necessarily got better permeability, a test till now unknown by so many companies that becomes indispensable. 

Prof Dr Rodrigo Condotta - Chemical Engineering Department

FEI - Fundacao Educacional Inaciana - Pe. Saboia de Medeiros, Brazil

I experienced the highest level of service and support from Freeman Tech.  The Freeman Technology FT4 is an excellent instrument for powder flow characterization and is extremely well supported by knowledgeable technical resources.  I have experience with this instrument and company when working as a Senior Engineer at a previous employer and I would recommend it without reservation.

Dr Dawn Downey - Senior Engineer, Pharmaceutical, Technical Operations

Multinational Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Very happy with the excellent service provided by Freeman Technology. The MTC includes a world-class Powder Analysis centre and the Freeman FT4 is an integral piece of equipment within our Laboratory. The technical support and help given with regards to data analysis and interpretation is very much appreciated.

Martin Perkins - Laboratory Supervisor, Net Shape & Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), UK

We have used the Freeman Technology FT4 for over 4 years.  The range of characterization provided by the FT4 has proven to be a great asset to our ongoing research of powder behavior and dynamics.  In addition, the members of the Freeman Technology team are available for discussions regarding everything from routine maintenance to data analysis assistance to theoretical topics.

Prof Fernando J Muzzio - Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

Rutgers The State University of New Jersey, USA

Excellent software, easy to use.

Mahesh Venkatachalam - Staff Scientist, Food Research & Technology

The Hershey Company, USA

The FT4 Powder Rheometer has proven to be useful for formulation/process development as well as describing subtle excipient and powder blend differences.  The documentation and the UI make instrument operation incredibly intuitive and easy, even for first-time users.  Our interactions with the team at Freeman Tech have all been very positive.  They are strong technically and very responsive to requests for technical support and service.  After just a few short months of routine use, the FT4 has already been established as a welcome addition to the list of powder characterization tools for research and commercial applications.

Senior Technical Operations Manager

A Global Biotechnology Company, USA

FT4 is a great piece of equipment.  We use it to characterize field crop and vegetable seeds and powders of various nature.  The instructions, the initial training and the follow up training is outstanding.  The Freeman Applications team is very prompt in getting back to us and answering our questions.

Dr Raja S Rao - Senior Seed Technology Scientist

Monsanto Company, USA

At AEL Mining Services we have used the FT4 to identify the best binder for spray drying pyrotechnic delay compositions. The FT4 also allowed us to optimise the binder content in the pyrotechnic formulation and minimise breaking of the spray dried particles during processing. The FT4 was also used to identify the most suitable flow agent for PETN (pentaerythritoltetranitrate) which is used as the base charge in detonators manufactured on automated detonator manufacturing plant. The FT4 enabled us to optimise the quantity of flow additive added as well as the mixing time. We were also able to identify differences in PETN batches produced at AEL Mining Services w.r.t. conditioned bulk density, specific energy, basic flow energy and stability. Personally I have found after sales service excellent w.r.t. training done at Freeman Technology in the UK, servicing and updating of our instrument in South Africa and assistance from Freeman Technology experts in developing specific tests for the explosives industry.

Etienne Cloete - Senior Technologist

African Explosives Limited, South Africa

We have found the Freeman FT4 Powder Rheometer helps our clients identify differences in flow properties between formulations, suppliers and products.  The FT4 provides a comprehensive set of analyses for distinguishing bulk property differences which are impacted by the micro-scale properties our inhouse particle characterization techniques provide. This, in combination with Freeman's knowledgeable and helpful technical experts, allow us to provide additional added value to our clients.

William Kopeski - Director of Analytical Services

Particle Technology Labs, USA

Freeman Technology PM service was the best that I have experienced in 15 years, from start to finish.

Michael Blassingame - Laboratory Technician

Lexmark International Inc, USA

Very good customer service with short reaction time. Lots of information regarding interpretation of measurements very helpful.  Good documentation of procedures.

Simon Spring - Project Manager Engineering

Rychiger AG, Switzerland

Use of FT4 rheometer has been a considerable improvement in our daily process control. It allows us to offer our customers a range of products providing adequate flow parameters and be able to maintain this quality over time. Furthermore, we are also very satisfied with the personalized assistance service that Freeman Technology offers, both maintenance visits that Freeman Technology technicians perform annually to Spain, as after sales monitoring conducted from headquarters.

José Gargori Reverter - Laboratorio de Pigmentos Asistencia

Colorobbia Espana SA, Spain

All the Freeman Tech employees that I’ve come in contact with have been wonderful and helpful.

Holly Bertrand - Research Chemist, Analytical Research & Services

FMC BioPolymer, USA

CEA includes a Powder Analysis centre. To improve this department, we have purchased a Freeman FT4 Powder Rheometer. The instrument is currently undergoing internal qualification and during this step, we very much appreciate Freeman’s technical support and assistance with data interpretation. We also appreciate their help in developing bespoke test programs which are optimised for our use. The target of the qualification step is to optimise use of the rheometer before installation in a glovebox for testing nuclear materials.

Jacques Schultis

CEA Cadarache, France

Excellent overall service. The equipment is easy to use, especially with the good written instructions and training.

Freddy Vervoort - Senior Scientist

Kraton Polymers, The Netherlands

Fast, reliable and comprehensive service.  Service Engineer is a pleasure to work with.

Eric Laarz - Research Scientist Powder Processing

Seco Tools AB, Sweden

Our research laboratory aims at responding to the challenges linked with the development and characterization of new materials and particulate solids with controlled usage properties with regard to the processes. We use the Freeman FT4 for different studies.  We are very satisfied with the performance of this equipment, the technical support of Freeman, and the advices and different discussions about measurements and data interpretations.

Laurent Devriendt - Technicien de laboratoire, Centre Poudres et Procedes

Ecole des Mines D'Albi

The Technicians were very helpful and efficient with the work carried out and very helpful with our queries.

Paul Marsh - Quality Systems Engineer

Eley Limited, UK

The Applications Specialist was by far one of the most educated installers / trainers I have worked with in my 8+ year career.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience! You are extremely fortunate to have such a knowledgeable / well-rounded employee on your staff.

Gregory Meyers

Griffith Foods, USA

If more processes went so smoothly, the world would be a little better.

Sven Hoehm - Supervisor, Particle Metrology

Kronos International Inc, Germany

Always a pleasure to deal with you – the most polite supplier I have worked with – thank you!

Emily Menary - Senior R&D Technician

Cooksongold, UK