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Other Behavioural Properties

Utilising the dynamic methodologies of the FT4 Powder Rheometer, and good experimental design, it is possible to investigate a number of other behavioural properties of powders. These include: -


 Image of sugar that has clumped together after being subject to moisture

Powder consolidation with time

Graph showing the flow energy when differing amounts of water are added to a powder sample 

The influence of free moisture on the behaviour of the powder

Graphic showing how different types of particles will segregate themselves in a powder sample 

The potential for particles to rearrange according to their size / density 


Graphic showing the effect of increasing stress on particle attrition, as stress increases particles are more likely to break apart 


Particle friability, resulting in changes in particle size, shape and surface area

Metal spoon with white powder attached by static 

Changes in behaviour as a function of electrostatic charging

Graphic of Agglomeration 

The formation of agglomerates from primary particles, usually as a function of being processed