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Why Freeman Technology?


Freeman Technology has over 20 years’ experience in the field of powder characterisation. We designed and introduced the world’s only Powder Rheometer in the year 2000 and since then have focussed on the challenge of characterising powders and understanding the product development and manufacturing issues that the powder industries face on a daily basis.

Alongside the continuous development of the instruments we manufacture, Freeman Technology has invested substantially in powder research and development, and have worked with our customers across a broad range of industries to develop solutions to a diversity of powder processing challenges.

Our experience includes most unit operations employed in the majority of powder processing industries and extends far beyond the narrow focus of other instrumentation companies, who are typically limited to hopper flow applications. Working with our customers to help them solve their problems in filling applications, blending, tablet manufacturing, fluidisation and granulation, to name a few, we have extensive experience in industries as varied as pharmaceutical, toner, cosmetics, food, chemical, metals, ceramics and additive manufacture. 

We do not profess to know everything about powders, however as a consequence of our investment in understanding the complex world of powder flow and powder behaviour, Freeman Technology has developed unique and extensive application knowhow that compliments its highly versatile FT4 Powder Rheometer®. An investment in an instrument from Freeman Technology not only ensures the advantages of the world’s most versatile instrument for powder characterisation, but unlimited access to the Freeman team’s industry leading application knowhow and troubleshooting experience.

With a real focus on excellent customer support, we would be delighted to be working with you, helping you engineer solutions to all your powder formulation, processing and quality challenges. Do contact us today if you would like to discuss your application.

Fantastic training and equipment. Applications Specialist is very friendly and professional and we enjoyed our time with him. The equipment is the most professionally designed and user friendly equipment we've used.

Eli Crossman - Senior Scientist

Procter & Gamble, USA

All the Freeman Tech employees that I’ve come in contact with have been wonderful and helpful.

Holly Bertrand - Research Chemist, Analytical Research & Services

FMC BioPolymer, USA