Freeman Technology Events

Freeman Technology will be participating in the following events, where our team of specialists would welcome the opportunity to discuss your powder handling challenges and to demonstrate our powder characterisation technology.

02 - 04 September 2019

University of Leeds, UK

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24 - 26 September 2019

Join Dr Rajeev Dattani on the TCT Introducing Stage at 10.40am on 26th September where he will discuss "Evaluating Process-Relevant Powder Properties for Additive Manufacturing Applications"


NEC, Birmingham, UK

24 September 2019

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Hilton Metropole Birmingham, UK

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24 - 26 September 2019

Natoli Scientific, 100 Emlen Way, Telford, PA 18969, USA

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08 - 10 October 2019

John Yin to present 'Accurately Quantifying Process-Relevant Powder Properties for Additive Manufacturing Applications' on October 9 at 3.45pm in Room 1

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, 201 Waterfront Street, Oxon Hill, MD, 20745, USA

09 October 2019

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Micromeritics GmbH, Einsteinstraße 14, Unterschleissheim, 85716, Germany

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13 - 17 October 2019

Dr Rajeev Dattani to present "The Effect Of Preparation Techniques And Storage Conditions On The Flow Properties Of AM Feedstocks" in Session 33 - Powders for AM - Flowability on October 15 at 5pm

Maastricht, The Netherlands

16 - 18 October 2019

Co-Exhibiting with Micromeritics - A2011

Shanghai, China

22 - 24 October 2019

John Yin to host 1hr seminar 'Working with Powders - How Comprehensive Characterization can Optimize your Process' on October 22 at 2.30pm in 2D10/11. Click here to register.

John Yin also to present 'Measuring the Flow Properties of Powders' on October 23 at 10.25am in Theater B.

Booth #318

Javits Center, NYC, USA

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04 - 07 November 2019

Booth #2333

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C., USA

10 - 15 November 2019

Tim Freeman to present:

- Identifying the Impact of Processing on the Physical Properties of AM Powders and Their Subsequent Reuse; Nov 12 at 3.30pm (Poster Session: Particle Technology Forum)

- Magnetically Assisted Impaction Coating (MAIC) for Optimising Blending in Pharmaceutical Applications; Nov 14 at 2.18pm (Session - Particle Technology in Product Design)

- Investigating the Influence of Processing Temperature on Powder Flowability; Nov 14 at 5.00pm (Session - Solids Handling: Characterization and Heat Transfer)

Hyatt Regency, Orlando, USA

19 - 22 November 2019

Hall 12 Stand A125

Frankfurt am Main, Germany