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Webinar - Powder Characterization Tools for Evaluating Polymer Powders for Laser Sintering (2 June 2020)

Location: Online

Date: 2nd June 2020

Guest Speaker - Enrico Gallino, Material Specialist at Ricoh

As additive manufacturing (AM) technology transitions from the fabrication of prototypes to serial production of end-use parts, the understanding of the powder properties needed to reliably produce parts of acceptable quality becomes critical.

Achieving the optimal quality for parts does not only depend on setting the right process parameters. Material feedstock also plays an important role when aiming for high performance products. In the case of selective laser sintering, polymer powders are used as a raw material. Therefore, controlling the quality and correctly characterizing the particles used in the process is a key step to successfully apply polymer AM techniques and also to expand the range of material that can be process with this technology.

In this presentation, Enrico Gallino, Material Specialist at Ricoh, evaluates a methodology for AM powder characterization and the results obtained by screening the relevant properties (particle size, shape, flowability, thermal properties, …) of a series of different materials will be compared and discussed.

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