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Celebrating 1 year - proudly part of the Micromeritics family

Celebrating 1 year - proudly part of the Micromeritics family

Freeman Technology are celebrating one year as part of the Micromeritics Instrument Corporation.

 Micromeritics are a leading global manufacturer of premium products for advanced material characterisation and acquired Freeman Technology in June 2018.

"A particular highlight has been working with an extended group of scientists and engineers with in-depth knowledge complementary to our own" said Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman Technology. The Micromeritics portfolio includes instrumentation for measuring properties that directly influence powder flowability including particle size and shape, density, surface area and porosity. "With an FT4 Powder Rheometer installed at Micromeritics headquarters in Norcross, GA (USA), and at the newly opened Particle Testing Authority lab in Munich (Germany), everything is in place to implement application research that will further advance our understanding of powder behaviour. Indeed, joint studies of pharmaceutical powders and metal powders for additive manufacturing are already underway".

For more information on the Micromeritics product portfolio please visit their Product Showcase page.