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Freeman Technology to co-sponsor 'Blending and Flow of Pharmaceutical Powders' course

Freeman Technology, in partnership with Gericke and Glatt Air Techniques, is sponsoring a new three-day course presented by Mixing Consultants, Inc. on the subject of ‘Blending and Flow of Pharmaceutical Powders’. The course will be run in the US and in Europe, beginning in Pearl River, New York on 27–29 October and then at Graz University of Technology in Austria from 9-11 December 2009. Each will feature high-level presentations given by academic experts from Rutgers University and by industry specialists, including Tim Freeman, Director of Operations for Freeman Technology.

Prompted by the success of a similar event held in Puerto Rico in May this year, Tim Freeman will once again join Professor Fernando Muzzio of Rutgers University, together with pharmaceutical manufacturing leaders from Glatt Air Techniques and Gericke. Designed for those working in product and process design, manufacturing, scale-up, technology transfer, and control, the course program begins with an introduction from the regulatory perspective. It then moves through the topics of: mixing of free-flowing materials; automation for powder blending; mixing of cohesive materials; lubrication; and continuous mixing techniques and process design. The final day then takes a further look into regulatory issues before moving on to powder flow measurements in relation to pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

Freeman’s knowledge of powder flow is based on a strong foundation of experience and technical know-how. The company’s FT4 powder tester is capable of rapid measurements of shear, bulk and dynamic properties using only small amounts of sample material and a range of methodologies. Knowledge of why some formulations are ‘easy’ to manufacture while others are not is the basis of effective processing enabling optimum formulation development within plant performance specifications.