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Freeman Technology joins academic and industry experts in delivering course on blending and flow of pharmaceutical powders

Following a year in which he has spoken at many different events covering aspects of powder characterization, Tim Freeman, Director of Operations for Freeman Technology, will again join academics and other industry experts for the next Mixing Consultants Inc. course.

The course, which is being held in Pearl River, NY, USA from 23 - 25 February, covers the ‘Blending and flow of pharmaceutical powders’. The content is being delivered by: Professor Fernando Muzzio of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Ralf Kretzschmar, President of Glatt Systemtechnik GmbH; Ralf Weinekötter, General Manager of Gericke AG; and Tim freeman. Programme details and registration information are available here.

Key elements of the course include regulatory perspectives, mixing of free-flowing materials, mixing of cohesive materials, lubrication, continuous mixing and powder flow issues.

"Once again I am pleased to be sharing Freeman Technology’s understanding and knowledge of powder characterisation, and its relationship to processing," said Tim Freeman. "Since modern instrumentation now allows for the creation of a database of powder properties, hard-earned processing experience can be correlated with powder characteristics. We see productivity and product quality improving as powder processing becomes less of an art and more of a science."

Freeman’s FT4 powder tester performs a range of methodologies, measuring shear, bulk and dynamic properties in a short time, using relatively small amounts of material. Freeman’s approach to interpreting the data generated makes extensive use of the company’s know-how, as well as the processor’s own experience. The results usually indicate why some formulations are ‘easy’ to manufacture and others are not. This knowledge is the foundation of efficient processing and can be utilized in the development of formulations that will process well, within the performance characteristics of a plant.

Registration for this event has now closed.