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eBooks now available in Chinese

We are pleased to announce our eBooks are now available in Chinese.

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The series of educational guides focus on powder characterization for industrial applications. They provide a valuable foundation for those with little prior knowledge of powders, as well as being a useful resource for anyone looking to expand their understanding of the factors relevant to product development and processing performance.

Understanding powder behavior is an essential precursor to efficient processing, ‘An Introduction to Powders’ , the first in the series, focuses on how the three components of powder – the particles, surrounding air and any moisture present – interact to define powder behaviour, and provides answers to the most frequently encountered powder processing problems throughout industry. The guide goes on to explore the importance of powder flowability across a range of industrial processes, explaining the significance of operational conditions in the context of powder processing.

Once the fundamentals of powder behavior are understood it is beneficial to review the strengths and limitations of different types of powder testing techniques available. ‘Choosing a Powder Tester’ addresses important questions facing powder processors looking to invest in powder testing instrumentation. These include: what powder testing techniques are available, what should powder handlers look for in a testing method and what features make powders more or less suitable for industrial applications?

It is also important to assess the potential economic benefits a powder tester can deliver. ‘The Value of Powder Testing’ explores key questions associated with such an investment. These include: what makes powder test data valuable, how does powder testing deliver an economic return, and, how can I identify ways in which powder testing might deliver value for a specific process or R&D laboratory? The guide also provides example studies to demonstrate how to estimate potential gains.

Each guide is written in a straightforward easy to understand style and draws on 15 years’ of experience in powder characterization.

The guides are also available in English, please go to to view them.