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Freeman Technology launches new powder characterisation website

Powder characterisation company Freeman Technology has launched a completely new website that is designed to give visitors rapid access to information relating directly to their own specific powder challenges.

A new home page, improved navigation, extended technical and applications information, and an extensive download area are just some of the site’s new features. Various European language versions are planned for later this year.

Managing director Reg Freeman commented: "The launch of the new website is an important development in our increasing use of web-based communications, and also coincides with our first public web seminar. As our business continues to grow, with customers spread throughout the world, it is essential that we make available as much information as we can, in a way that is easily accessible."

Freeman Technology specialises in powder characterisation. The company’s FT4 powder tester performs a range of methodologies, measuring shear, bulk and dynamic properties in a short time, using relatively small amounts of material. Freeman’s approach to interpreting the data makes extensive use of their know-how as well as the user’s own experience. The results often indicate why on a particular production line some powders are ‘easy’ to process and others are not. This knowledge is the foundation of efficient processing and informs the development of materials that will process well, with the required performance characteristics.