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Freeman Technology launches new website in China

Freeman Technology, a global leader in powder characterization, has launched a new website, providing an authoritative knowledge base for formulation scientists, process engineers and product developers working with powders. The new site provides a detailed overview of the complexity of powders and the challenges they present, and uses industry specific examples to demonstrate how powder rheology has been used to solve processing problems.

The website uses simple, straightforward language and introduces new videos and animations to illustrate the fundamentals of powder behavior and the basic principles of powder testing. Visit the website at to learn more about resolving powder-related problems, to read the latest news from Freeman Technology or to sign up for the company newsletter.

Freeman Technology, a UK company with a direct operation located in Shanghai, specializes in providing systems for measuring the flow properties of powders to directly support industrial powder handling and processing. The company’s FT4 Powder RheometerTM uses patented dynamic methodology, a fully automated shear cell and several bulk property tests to quantify powder properties that directly correlate with process and product performance. This instrument has been successfully used to develop new products and optimize manufacturing processes in many industries. These range from pharmaceutical, food and powder coatings to metal powders and ceramics.