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The importance of powder flow in 3D printing

The importance of powder flow in 3D printing

In a recent interview with AZo Materials, Andrew Klein, Director of Research and Development at ExOne, discusses the importance of powder flow in 3D printing.

Founded in 2005, as a spin off from Extrude Hone Corporation, the ExOne Company is a global leader in binder jetting technology. They provide 3D printers, printed products and related services to help companies exploit and integrate 3D printing in their existing manufacturing operations. n 1996, ExOne obtained the license for the 3DP (three-dimensional printing) process developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for metal and sand parts. Since then they have developed and commercialised systems and materials to optimally meet applications in the automotive, aerospace, heavy industry and energy sectors. Printing with sand, ceramic and metal powders are our core areas of expertise. 

In this interview, Andrew Klein discusses what powder testing technology, the FT4 Powder Rheometer®, ExOne uses to assess every powder that they use.

To read the interview in full please click here to visit the AZo Materials website

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Images reproduced with the permission of ExOne Company.