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Freeman Technology demonstrates importance of relevant powder characterisation at Interphex 2013

At Interphex 2013 (Apr 23-25 2013, New York), Freeman Technology will exhibit the FT4 Powder Rheometer® universal powder tester, and the company’s expert team will be on hand to discuss specific pharmaceutical industry applications and advise on individual powder challenges.

In the past decade developments in powder testing instrumentation have introduced new methods and improved the reproducibility and relevance of more established types of analysis. Dynamic testing for example, which measures the flow energy of a powder, is a newer technique enjoying considerable industrial uptake. Shear testing, a well established method, rightly remains popular, but its implementation in systems like the FT4 is improving both precision and reproducibility.

The FT4 Powder Rheometer combines the best techniques available: shear, dynamic and bulk property testing. These are automated and reproducibly deliver reliable data that correlate with process performance. Being able to measure a meaningful and relevant set of powder properties provides measurable parameters that can be used to numerically describe, rationalize and better understand core powder processing operations, as well as helping to extend knowledge of the different factors that influence powder behaviour.

Please join us to discuss your powder challenges on Booth#2061 at Interphex.