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Freeman Technology at Interphex - the route to powder and process compatibility

Interphex, 17-19 March 2009, New York
Booth # 1269
Powder testing instrumentation, comprehensive methodologies and extensive experience add up to unique offering

The theme for Freeman Technology at Interphex 2009 (17-19 March, New York) will be the company’s complete offering for pharmaceutical processors. Freeman’s FT4 powder tester, backed by a unique process-focused approach to powder characterization, delivers the critical insight into powder behaviour that companies need in order to understand their powders, achieve compatibility between powder and plant, and enable process optimization - supporting the aims of QbD.

The FT4 performs a range of methodologies, measuring shear, bulk and dynamic properties in a short time, using relatively small amounts of material. Freeman’s approach to interpreting the data generated makes extensive use of the company’s know-how, as well as the processor’s own experience. The results often indicate why some formulations are ‘easy’ to manufacture and others are not. This knowledge is the foundation of efficient processing and informs the development of formulations that will process well, with the required performance characteristics.

In addition, it is possible to define, in terms of easily measurable parameters, the characteristics of materials that will be optimal for a given piece of plant - a hopper or a tablet press, for example. Developing formulations that meet this specification ensures compatibility between the plant and powder, building quality into the manufacturing process from the outset, as advocated by QbD.