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Join Freeman Technology at PDI Science, Pharmaceutical Aerosols workshop

Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman Technology, will discuss how powder characterisation can inform and accelerate the development of successful formulations for inhalation at the inaugural Particle Design Industrialization (PDI) Science workshop on Pharmaceutical Aerosols, June 24-25, Hong Kong University. Affiliated to the new pulmonary and nasal drug delivery conference, Inhalation Asia 2013, the workshop provides an introductory foundation for those entering the field of OINDP research.

In a presentation entitled “Understanding the material science of powders as primary materials” Tim Freeman will discuss how powders behave when subjected to the conditions applied in inhalation applications. In particular he will focus on how powders respond to air, and the analytical techniques that can be applied to rationalise and quantify that response. Research has shown that measuring bulk powder properties is extremely useful for OINDP development, with certain parameters correlating directly with the efficiency of drug delivery. Modern powder characterisation techniques also support efficient OINDP manufacture enabling the consistent and precise dosing needed for these highly engineered products. Universal powder testers such as the FT4 Powder Rheometer from Freeman Technology combine shear and bulk property measurements with dynamic methodologies and have proven application.

Increasing industrialisation throughout Asia has raised concerns over air quality and respiratory illness, intensifying interest in OINDP research throughout the region. The PDI Science workshop provides a valuable opportunity for those embarking on a career in this vital area to learn from and question leading experts from across the world, and find out about more about analytical techniques that can support fast and effective product development.

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