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Join us for 'Measurement and Quantification of Caking in Powders' webinar

Join us for 'Measurement and Quantification of Caking in Powders' webinar

Many powders have the potential to cake during storage. As the strength of particle-particle interactions increases, especially via mechanisms involving moisture, the flow characteristics of the material are compromised, detrimentally impacting performance and value. Caking may be preventable or easily addressed through the adoption of well-defined protocols, for example, storing the material in a closely controlled environment, or periodically inducing flow through the use of low volume recycling loops. However, these strategies can be inconvenient and expensive. Making sensible, cost-effective decisions to combat caking relies in the first instance on being able to quantify the propensity of a powder to cake and the impact this has on its behaviour.

In this webinar, Dr Rajeev Dattani, Product Specialist at Micromeritics, will demonstrate the unique value of using dynamic powder testing for investigating the impact of caking. A particular focus is “crusting”, the heterogeneous development of caked material at the powder-air interface. Experimental data illustrate the contrasting response of common excipients and ingredients, and demonstrate how appropriate testing can support the optimisation of powder storage and associated handling.

Join us on October 20, 2021 at 14:00 BST for 'Measurement and Quantification of Caking in Powders'.

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