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Material characterization webinar series

Material characterization webinar series

From leading products to industry experts, Micromeritics opens new horizons in material characterization.

The Micromeritics' webinar series aims to teach attendees how to understand analytical data better, in order to maximize its value, to increase efficiency, to speed up timelines, and to optimize performance and productivity. The sessions will cover a range of industrially vital topics providing new insights into catalyst characterization, particle sizing, gas adsorption – physisorption and chemisorption – and others. 
The one-hour events are a convenient way to keep your scientific knowledge up to date on the latest technologies and solutions for a wide range of industries. Attendees can refresh or enhance their material characterization knowledge to analyze and optimize products and workflows and lay a foundation for innovation.

First in the series, 'Testing Powders at Elevated Temperatures' on July 7, 2021 (9:00 EST | 14:00 BST | 15:00 CEST). In this webinar, Laura Shaw, Applications Specialist at Freeman Technology, will discuss how temperature affects powder behavior and consider the requirements for testing at elevated temperature. 

Experimental data will be presented demonstrating the effect of temperature changes on the flowability of a pharmaceutical excipient and an AM feedstock, and highlighting the challenges of predicting any impact.

All sessions will also be available on demand if you can’t make the live event. Learn more about our webinar program at

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