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New article offers perspective on Freeman Technology's decade in powder testing

Recently published, and now available for download, ‘Reflecting on Powder Testing: Ten Years of Making Powders and Processes Fit’ is a personal perspective from Tim Freeman, director of operations at Freeman Technology. It describes the company’s progress in the field of powder testing over the past decade, and the role played by the FT4 Powder Rheometer. The article is available in our literature library.

Progress in powder testing has involved a move away from the idea that a single number can fully define the complexities of powders, and a realisation that new methodologies must reflect the environment in which a powder is processed. The FT4 uses dynamic methodology, fully automated shear cell testing  and bulk property measurement  to quantify the flow properties of powders. Freeman Technology’s expertise in the application of powder characterisation techniques means that the FT4 consistently provides relevant, reproducible results that support every aspect of powder handling – from development and formulation , through manufacture and day-to-day troubleshooting to final QC.