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New dates to catch the latest on effective techniques for powder characterisation

Experts from Freeman Technology will illustrate how multi-faceted powder characterisation, and more specifically dynamic powder testing, supports the goal of better powder handling at two upcoming events. Both ‘Analytical methods for powder handling and processing’ (Copenhagen, Denmark, 5-6th November) and ‘Powder fouling: Measuring, predicting and understanding reliability in powder handling’ (Birmingham, UK, 27th November) reflect the challenges faced by industrial processors.

At the Copenhagen meeting, Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman Technology, will deliver a presentation entitled ‘Understanding and Measuring Powder Flow Properties and Powder Behaviour’ as part of a two-day course that combines powder testing theory with presentations and practical demonstrations from invited instrument suppliers. The event will also provide an opportunity to see the company’s FT4 Powder Rheometer® in action and find out exactly how the dynamic, shear and bulk property data that it generates support more informed and efficient powder handling.

The one-day gathering in Birmingham, run by the IChemE Particle Technology Special Interest Group, has the more specific focus of powder fouling, a commonly encountered problem that is minimally addressed in the open literature. Here Jamie Clayton, Operations Manager, will discuss ‘Challenges associated with processing and the reliable characterisation of powders’ as part of a programme that includes contributions from across academia and industry.