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New software for Freeman Technology FT4 simplifies hopper design

New software for the FT4 Powder Rheometer, the universal powder tester from Freeman Technology, demystifies hopper design, guiding the user step-by-step through powder measurement, data analysis and equipment specification. Relevant to a broad range of industries, the new software provides a cost and time effective solution for hopper and bin specification.

The fully automated FT4 measures all the parameters required for hopper design with unprecedented precision. The software determines critical hopper parameters from this data using well-established design methodologies. A testing and design cycle is typically complete in around two hours.

Achieving mass flow, the preferred operating regime, within a bin or hopper depends on the correct specification of outlet size and hopper half angle. These parameters are calculated from measurements of shear cell, wall friction and bulk density. The widely used design methodologies were developed several decades ago and have proven extremely successful. However, measuring powders and interpreting the data in the required way, has, until now, largely been seen as an ‘expert’ task.

The Hopper Design Software simplifies relevant powder characterisation, showing users how to measure all the necessary parameters. The FT4 is highly automated with embedded methodologies specifically for hopper design. Guidance through data interpretation allows the engineer to quickly convert measured data into equipment specifications. Assessing different construction materials is straightforward.

Thanks to extensive development, over many years, the FT4 has evolved from a powder rheometer into a universal powder tester offering shear, bulk and dynamic measurement. Unsurpassed reproducibility gives the instrument excellent sensitivity for all parameters. It is used across a wide range of industrial sectors for developmental work, QC and troubleshooting/optimization studies.