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Newsletter - August 2023

Developing a Design Space for Powder Characterization

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We would particularly like to draw your attention to our upcoming webinar adjacent on 03 October (or if you're reading this after this date, you can view on demand). Here we discuss ways to amalgamate data from multiple test procedures in order to produce predictive models for the selection of candidate powders in manufacturing process. Whilst the method presented focuses on tablet manufacture for the pharmaceutical industry, this approach can be used across wide ranging industries in order to provide useful test methodologies and clear metrics for powder selection.

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New Pharma eBook

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The pharmaceutical industry was the first to embrace the FT4 Powder Rheometer and examples of the resulting rewards are numerous. Our new eBook discusses the application of dynamic, shear and bulk powder testing from formulation through process development to QC and troubleshooting. The learnings can be applied to many more industries and applications.

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Meeting the Team: Dr Guy Stimpson

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Continuing our introductions to members of the FT team, today we’re putting the spotlight on Guy Stimpson, Applications Scientist. Recently, Guy has been running frequent virtual product demonstrations for the FT4 Powder Rheometer in our new product studio.

After graduating with a degree in Astrophysics Guy went on to complete a PhD in Experimental Quantum Physics at Warwick University, joining us in 2022 after further post-doctorate research. In his spare time, Guy continues to pursue an interest in astronomy and is also a keen hiker.

Best thing about your job? I love the global reach of our services and the people I meet from all around the world who are working in so many different areas. Most weeks I speak to someone from each continent and there’s always something new to learn.

Most interesting thing you've worked on? I have worked with a few clients testing explosives which poses some interesting health and safety challenges. It makes you think really carefully about how you go about your work!

One thing you wish more people understood about powders? That powders are everywhere and vital to so much of what we do. Without powders our world would grind to a halt, and so understanding powder behaviour not only helps individuals and their companies but is crucial for the efficient future development of people and society as a whole.

New paper - Quantifying Cohesivity

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Novel protocol for quantifying powder cohesivity through fluidization tests’, a paper recently published in the journal Powder Technology, is the result of a collaborative project with the University of Cambridge. It is jointly authored by Dr Amalia Thomas, Senior R&D Officer, and describes how the FT4 Powder Rheometer can be used to determine the Granular Bond and Powder Cohesivity.

New paper - Testing for Tableting



Prediction of tablet weight variability from bulk flow properties by sparse modelling’, led by researchers at Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University, using the FT4 Powder Rheometer. Dynamic, shear and bulk powder properties all proved significant when it came to reliably describing die-filling performance while at the same time minimising the number of analyses required.