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Newsletter - January 2018

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2017 was a very successful year for Freeman Technology and I’d like to thank the global team for their expertise, flexibility and sheer hard work. The realisation of strategic plans to strengthen local support in Germany and Japan was a personal highlight, but more broadly it is good to see the problem-solving potential of our newer technologies gain greater recognition. Reinvestment in new powder testing solutions to meet evolving industrial requirements is a defining aspect of our approach and we are delighted to see them delivering value for customers.

Looking outside the business, 2017 was clearly a tough year for an increasing number of vulnerable people in our local community, so it is good to be able to invest some of the fruits of our hard work to help. For the last two years we’ve sponsored the Tewkesbury Foodbank which supports those who are struggling, often with ill health or following a run of bad luck. Run by an impressive team of local volunteers the foodbank is particularly valued around this time of year.

Thank you for your support and all it has enabled us to achieve in 2017 and best wishes for a successful and productive 2018.


With the flowability of metal powders recognized as being crucial to the efficiency of a range of powder metallurgy processes, Freeman Technology is proud to have become a contributor to ASM International. ASM, the world’s largest materials information society, has recently adopted the FT4 Powder Rheometer® for metal powder testing. The organization connects a global network of members, facilitating the transfer of content, data, and research. Additionally, ASM offers a variety of educational training courses covering topics like Additive Manufacturing. ASM will utilize the FT4 Powder Rheometer within these courses to further educate industrial users. We are hopeful that this step will support greater use of the FT4 to improve the manufacture and use of metal powders across a range of industries.


…then what value a video? Our YouTube channel contains a selection of clips that will help you to quickly understand critical aspects of powder behaviour, particularly flowability, and how they can be measured. The latest addition is an animation showing the inherent simplicity of the Uniaxial Powder Tester (UPT) which directly measures unconfined yield stress, an indicator of powder flowability. Click here to view the new animation.


A new application note, ‘Understanding the Impact of High Shear Blending’ highlights the sensitivity of the FT4 Powder Rheometer for differentiating the performance of alternative mixers. High shear mixing is a routine unit operation in a wide range of industries. The data presented shows how the FT4 can be used to select the best mixer for a given application, and to ensure that the properties of the resulting blend are optimal for their intended use.

Understanding how powders behave when subjected to consolidation is crucial for the development of effective storage and processing strategies. The UPT Consolidation Station is an offline accessory that allows samples to be stored for an extended period under precisely controlled conditions (consolidating stress, temperature and humidity), away from the instrument. Eliminating the need for the sample to be stored within the instrument can dramatically boost analytical throughput.

To find out more about the UPT Consolidation Station click here to request a copy of the new UPT brochure.

Our events programme is already off to a busy start and we would be delighted to see you in the coming months whether at the brand-new MAPP (Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes) conference or well-established diary fixtures such as IFPAC. See below for details of our upcoming activities:

1st MAPP International Conference

At the first MAPP conference, which takes place on 30 to 31 January, in Sheffield, UK we will be presenting a poster entitled ‘Optimising process performance through powder rheology’. This new conference will bring together world leaders in the fields of particulate and powder science, focusing on the use of such materials in advanced manufacturing processes such as AM, and we’re proud to be providing some sponsorship. To find out more or to register go to:

IFPAC Annual Meeting

We have two presentations accepted for IFPAC, which runs from February 11 to 14 at North Bethesda, Maryland, Washington DC, USA: “Multi-variate Powder Flow Characterisation for Optimising Screw Feeder Performance" and "Influence of Powder Properties on DPI Capsule Filling Performance". Both include studies that show how the FT4 Powder Rheometer directly supports the optimisation of specific unit operations by enabling the measurement of an array of powder properties. To register for IFPAC go to:

TCT Asia

TCT Asia which will be held in Hall N1, SNIEC, Shanghai China, from the 1 to 3 March, is a new addition to our exhibition list. The FT4 Powder Rheometer has proven application in the development of optimised powders for AM so drop by and find out more it you are attending this increasingly important show. You’ll find us at booth M13.

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