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Newsletter - June 2020

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In recent weeks more than ever, our reliance on flexible and robust technology has become a feature of everyday life. From companies adapting their production facilities to manufacture sanitizers and PPE (see below), to the IT underpinning continued commerce and remote medical consultations, for example, the ingenuity of the engineering community is very much on display. Looking with a fresh perspective at what’s needed and how to deliver a technology-based solution has become essential.

It’s easy to overlook opportunities by preserving the status quo and questioning conventional practice can be a valuable strategy at any time. We certainly see this when customers begin to review outdated powder testing practices. And though the Freeman team may now be working remotely we continue to collectively evaluate our own products: What could work better? What features could be added? How can we improve user friendliness? What application areas need better understanding?

We look forward to discussing new developments with you in the not too distant future, but in the meantime I wish you well with whatever challenges are currently testing your ingenuity.

Hot off the press

Front Cover of eBook with a blue swirl background

Although the application of 3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has risen sharply in recent years, we know that optimising powders for a specific application remains a complex task. Our new e-Book focuses exclusively on testing powders for AM, on the techniques that provide valuable data and application of the results. Download it now and learn how to establish better AM powder specifications.

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The Micromeritics Materials Characterization webinar series is now underway, covering a range of topics, from particle sizing to vapour sorption, for materials including catalysts, carbons, zeolites and pharmaceuticals. First up was 'Working with Powders: How Comprehensive Characterisation can Optimise your Process' and we have sessions on uniaxial testing and in-line measurement scheduled. 

The next webinar in the series - ‘Gas sorption characterization for Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)' will be delivered by our colleague Dr Katharina Peikert, Technical Application Consultant, Micromeritics. It will focus on techniques and best practice for measuring surface area and porosity which are performance-defining characteristics for this exciting class of materials.

Register here to view any of the webinars or to watch on demand


Our in-house 3D printer has been repurposed to manufacture visors as part of an initiative to produce PPE. We’ve already delivered more than 200 visors to local doctors, hospitals and care homes and they’ve certainly been appreciated. Click here to find out more or get involved.


A new article from Jamie Clayton, Operation Director, provides a valuable introduction/refresher on how effective powder testing can be leveraged to improve process efficiency. Case studies underline the value of measuring relevant properties while the inclusion of background theory explains how to achieve that goal. View ‘Powder Characterization for Effective Processing’ here.

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