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Newsletter - November 2019

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The focus of this special newsletter is our new website which I’m pleased to announce is now launched. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard on this important project. The clean, fresh look is a major step forward, navigation is simple and easy and I’m confident that the new site will be welcomed as an excellent resource for everyone working with powders.

Highlights from the new site, detailed below, illustrate the rapidly evolving way in which we consume information. Over the last year or so we have invested heavily in online presentations and, most recently, video to make our knowledge more accessible. Providing customers with useful insights, in their preferred format, is a priority, because we know how much the expertise that supports our products is valued.

Please browse our new site.  I’m sure you’ll find it both interesting and informative.


A suite of new videos recently recorded at company headquarters are a great addition to our online resources. Hear directly from Tim Freeman, Jamie Clayton and our Application Specialists Rajeev Dattani and Laura Shaw about fundamental powder characteristics, the challenges of working with powders and the solutions we offer.

Click here to take a look.


Our educational eBooks cover core topics that we know customers routinely want to learn more about. An Introduction to Powders is a basic primer for those new to powders, while Choosing a Powder Tester takes an in-depth look at the many techniques available. The Value of Powder Testing provides practical guidance on the benefits of data and justifying capital investment.

Click here to download your copies.


Our extensive literature library is the result of nearly 20 years’ experience in powder flow and powder behaviour. Over that time we have presented at multiple conferences and have published extensively in academic and trade media. The library is now conveniently organised according to industry, making it easier than ever to find the application note, whitepaper, article, collaborative study and/or in-depth customer story of most relevance. 

Click here to download a copy of the popular paper 'Profitable Powder Processing' 


The beauty of online presentations is you can dip in and out, watch the whole thing at a time to suit, and re-watch as needed. Our growing collection includes product introductions, educational material on the basics of powder behaviour and an in-depth look at how to monitor and control wet granulation processes.


If you want to know what it’s like to work with us, then find out from your peers. Reading through our customer testimonials you’ll find comments from both academics and industrialists about the service on offer, the practicalities of using instrumentation from Freeman Technology and the value of the data it generates. 

Click here to view.


The new website product pages will lead you to the most suitable instrument for a given application, helping to maximise return on investment.

The FT4 Powder Rheometer® is a universal powder tester for comprehensive, multi-faceted characterisation while the Uniaxial Powder Tester is a cost-efficient solution for flowability measurements. The Lenterra Flow Sensor Systems deliver in-line, real-time measurement of bulk  flow properties.


Working with our colleagues at Micromeritics is generating fresh insights into how best to combine the bulk powder testing methods we offer with other analytical techniques, to maximise understanding. The new Micromeritics whitepaper ‘The Definitive Guide to Powder Characterization’ explores this theme in detail.

Please click here for more information on the wider Micromeritics product portfolio. 

Current users

For all those that are registered users on our current site, your details will be transferred to the new site, but you will be required to update your password when you first try to access content.  In the unlikely event you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.