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Particle Testing Authority (PTA) announces acquisition of FT4 Powder Rheometer

Particle Testing Authority (PTA) announces acquisition of FT4 Powder Rheometer

Particle Testing Authority (PTA), a Division of Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, Today Announced it has Acquired a Freeman Technology FT4 Powder Rheometer® for Assisting its Contract Testing Customers with Their Powder Flow and Powder Processing Issues.

Acquisition Will Provide PTA, formerly known as Micromeritics Analytical Services (MAS), With a More Comprehensive Testing Protocol for Customers Working with Powders.

Norcross, GA – October 8, 2018 – Particle Testing Authority (PTA), a division of Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, today announced it has acquired a Freeman Technology FT4 Powder Rheometer for assisting its contract testing customers with their powder flow and powder processing issues.

Considered the “gold standard” of the industry, FT4 Powder Rheometer is a universal powder tester, which uses bulk, dynamic flow, shear, and process methodologies to quantify powder properties in terms of flowability, aeration, permeability, compressibility, shear strength, and wall friction. It delivers data that maximize process and product understanding, accelerate R&D and formulation, and support in-process optimization.

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation acquired Tewkesbury, England-based Freeman Technology this past June.

“The Freeman Technology acquisition and the FT4 allows PTA to provide a more comprehensive testing protocol for customers working with powders and wanting to know as much as they possibly can about how powders may behave, mix, blend, segregate, or react,” said Greg Thiele, General Manager of Particle Testing Authority.

“We often are asked to help explain why a process is having trouble when seemingly the raw materials and ingredients have not changed. Our physical testing and material characterization lab can help answer that question by performing particle size, particle shape, morphology, density, porosity, surface area, and surface energy. Now, with the FT4, we can also provide information about the powders flowability, compressibility, permeability, consolidation, friction, and shear properties.”

About Particle Testing Authority

The Particle Testing Authority (PTA) provides material characterization services for fine powders and solid materials using Micromeritics’ instrumentation alongside complementary solutions from other vendors. With the certification and expertise to operate across a wide range of industries, the PTA offering runs from single sample analysis to complex method development, method validation, new product assessment, and the analytical support required for large-scale manufacturing projects. An experienced, highly trained team of scientists, engineers, and lab personnel works closely with every client to ensure that all analytical requirements are rapidly and responsively addressed. The company has its worldwide headquarters in Norcross, GA, USA and its European and Chinese HQ in Aachen, Germany and Shanghai, China, respectively. For more information go to