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Freeman Technology's PharmSciFair presentation links powder characterisation and real processing experience

Tim Freeman, director of operations at Freeman Technology, will talk about ‘Combining modern powder characterisation techniques with real processing experience’ in his presentation at the forthcoming 2nd Pharmaceutical Sciences Fair and Exhibition in Nice, France (PharmSciFair, 8-12 June 2009). Tim will speak as part of the session ‘PAT - academic and industrial challenges’, which takes place on Tuesday 9 June.

Freeman’s FT4 powder tester, backed by a unique process-focused approach to powder characterization, delivers the critical insight into powder behaviour that companies need in order to understand their powders, achieve compatibility between powder and plant, and enable process optimization - supporting the aims of QbD.

The FT4 performs a range of methodologies, measuring shear, bulk and dynamic properties in a short time, using relatively small amounts of material. Freeman’s approach to interpreting the data generated makes extensive use of the company’s know-how, as well as the processor’s own experience. The results often indicate why some formulations are ‘easy’ to manufacture and others are not. This knowledge is the foundation of efficient processing and informs the development of formulations that will process well, with the required performance characteristics.