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Powder characterisation techniques for hopper design

Powder characterisation techniques for hopper design

In a series of articles on LinkedIn, Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman Technology, draws on over 20 years of experience in the industry and has looked at variables that can impact powder behaviour. 

In his most recent set of posts, Tim takes a look at which powder properties are most relevant to specific powder applications. In recent years it has become increasingly evident that the value of measuring different properties is dependent on the extent to which they describe how a powder behaves in a given process or as a certain product. This understanding highlights the limitations of ‘single number’ powder testers and the enhanced value of instrumentation that offers multivariate characterisation. In this first post we look at hopper design, the only powder handling process where equipment geometry can be designed from measurements of powder properties. For many, the shear testing methodologies required for hopper design are their first, and for some, only, introduction to the world of powder characterisation. However, despite their longevity, shear cell testing, hopper design and hopper operation continue to present a challenge.

Take a look here at the article here – ‘Powder Characterisation Techniques for Hopper Design’.