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Powder characterisation techniques for predicting segregation

Powder characterisation techniques for predicting segregation

As part of a series of posts on LinkedIn discussing material characterisation for specific processes or unit operations, Tim Freeman continues the discussion by looking at the process of segregation. 

Although, unlike the other processes discussed, segregation tends to be unplanned and/or undesirable - or indeed both! Segregation is particularly problematic in situations where a small amount of an active ingredient is distributed within a powder blend, with pharmaceutical formulations being the obvious example. In the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, segregation in a hopper or feed frame, or during conveying and transport can have a catastrophic effect on content uniformity. It may also impact processability, although this would be considered a relatively low priority in light of content uniformity issues. 

Please click here to read the article in full – Powder Characterisation Techniques for Predicting Segregation.