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Powder characterisation techniques for tableting applications

Powder characterisation techniques for tableting applications

As part of a continuing series of posts on LinkedIn looking at powder testing requirements for specific applications, Tim Freeman continues the discussion by looking at powder properties that are relevant to specific applications. In his most recent post, he focuses on one of the most widely used pharmaceutical processes: tableting.

Highly stable, simple to administer, and cost-effective, tablets remain the most popular drug delivery vehicle. Tablet production has a long history but continues to evolve as the industry innovates increasingly sophisticated products and works towards greater efficiency. The drive towards continuous manufacture, faster production speeds, increasingly potent actives and the adoption of complex multi-layer tablets present modern-day tablet manufacturers with significant challenges. Understanding how to manipulate the properties of the blend towards better processing performance and products with defined critical quality attributes is essential. 

This article covers:

  • The basics of tableting
  • Moving on from traditional test methods
  • Defining relevant powder properties

Please click here to read the article in full – Powder Characterisation Techniques for Tabletting Applications.