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Powder characterisation techniques for wet granulation applications

Powder characterisation techniques for wet granulation applications

As part of a continuing series of posts on LinkedIn looking at powder testing requirements for specific applications, Tim Freeman continues the discussion by looking at powder properties that are relevant to specific applications. In his most recent post, he focuses on wet granulation.

Wet granulation is a widely applied unit operation, especially within the pharmaceutical industry where it is a common precursor to tableting. It is often carried out as a batch process, with endpoint detection an important issue. Here, dynamic powder testing offers proven benefit. By providing sensitive detection of the transition from wet mass to granulate, using a property that is independent of scale, this powerful analytical technique can accelerate scale-up and process optimisation. 

This article covers:

  • The challenge of developing wet granulation processes
  • The value of dynamic powder properties

Please click here to read the article in full – Powder Characterisation Techniques for Wet Granulation Applications.

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