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Powder characterisation tools for powder processors

Powder characterisation tools for powder processors

Following 20 years of experience in the field of powder characterisation, Freeman Technology has gained valuable insight into the product development and manufacturing issues that powder processors face on a daily basis. Alongside substantial investments in research and development, the company has worked closely with users of its technology across a wide range of industries to help resolve a diverse range of powder handling challenges. The results of this experience are conveyed in new online presentations that are now available via the Freeman Technology website.

In an ‘An Introduction to Powders’ Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman Technology, provides a brief overview of why powders are challenging and how the complexity of the bulk assembly can influence process behaviour. Following on from this presentation, ‘Working with Powders – How Comprehensive Powder Characterisation Can Optimise your Process’, Mr Freeman goes onto examine how predicting and quantifying powder flowability can aid process performance, utilising short case studies to highlight exactly how the data generated from powder testing can be used. In ‘Using the FT4 Powder Rheometer for Wet Granulation Applications’ he presents in detail how and why wet granulation is used in industry and assesses the benefits of quantifying how granules change with alterations in process parameters.

Other presentations include an introduction to products in the Freeman Technology portfolio, reviewing the benefits of uniaxial powder testing and new in-line technology for assessing powder flow measurement.

To view these presentations please visit our presentations page