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From powder flowability to mechanical performance of fabricated components

From powder flowability to mechanical performance of fabricated components

Powder manufacturers in additive manufacturing all share the need to understand how to optimise powders for superior print performance. In this webinar, Dr Reza Baserinia from De Montfort University, will examine the relationships between the flow properties of powders used in additive manufacturing processes and the mechanical properties of the fabricated components.

The flow properties are measured using a FT4 Powder Rheometer®, and the data obtained are used in conjunction with the tensile testing and surface hardness measurements carried out on fabricated parts to establish indicative correlations. 

Understanding the relationships between these parameters helps to identify and develop powders that enhance both process efficiency and the mechanical properties of the final product.

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Speaker Biography
Dr Reza Baserinia completed his PhD degree at the University of Leicester in the UK in 2017 where he examined the influence of material properties and processing parameters on powder flowability in different handling and dosing processes. Specifically, his research focused on particle-air interactions during powder discharge into confined spaces. After graduating, he joined De Montfort University as a Lecturer in Engineering Design and shortly after he was promoted to Senior Lecturer. He expanded his research into the field of additive manufacturing and is now working on powder bed fusion and direct powder extrusion processes for fabrication of functional polymeric parts. He is currently supervising PhD projects on developing customised pharmaceutical oral dosage forms and optimisation of bone implants fabricated by additive manufacturing.