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Putting the spotlight on powder testing solutions

Putting the spotlight on powder testing solutions

In our latest newsletter we’re putting the spotlight on the powder testing solutions added to our offering in the last couple of years that directly complement the FT4 Powder Rheometer®. The Uniaxial Powder Tester (UPT) is a cost-effective choice for industrial applications that demand simple, automated measurement and highly repeatable/reproducible data of an intrinsic powder property. The Lenterra Flow Sensor (LFS) System, on the other hand, for which we are exclusive worldwide distributors, takes bulk powder measurement in-line to provide real-time process monitoring.

Investment in these products is a direct result of our detailed appreciation of industrial requirements for powder characterisation. Cost-efficient access to sensitive and relevant data is critical for certain applications while those implementing automated plant control are increasingly reliant on robust process analytical technology and real-time measurement. This newsletter highlights how the new products meet these requirements and points the way to plenty of engaging material for those looking to learn more. 

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