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Reaching new standards

Every member of the Freeman Technology team strives to achieve excellence and as a result of these efforts we are one of the first companies to successfully transition to the new ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard. This is a reflection of our continued commitment to provide innovative, quality products and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The new standard, which replaces ISO 9001:2008, specifies the requirements for a quality management system. Working to this standard allows us to ensure that we consistently meet the expectations and needs of our customers, as well as being able to effectively manage feedback to improve our services when necessary. We have maintained this internationally recognised standard for over a decade, providing customers with the assurance that when investing in technology from Freeman Technology it will be a simple and positive process.

Several of our customers have provided testimonials which reflect the type of service users can expect:

“The delivery of the instrument was perfect in every way. The instrument is very well designed and seems extremely robust and user friendly. But most important is the brilliant user interfacing of the system software. I've never ever had any experience with any other instrument that was so positive as with the FT4 Powder Tester. The Freeman Technology FT4 powder tester makes my days. In the pharmaceutical industry, powder characterization is often limited by the availability of rather small quantities of powder. Since a large portion of the pharmaceutical powders demonstrate a cohesive tendency, special attention needs to be paid to the design of any piece of powder characterization equipment. Seen from this perspective, the Freeman Technology FT4 powder tester has demonstrated to be my perfect partner in the powder characterization lab. Its design, functioning and user interfacing are extremely well thought of, and its analytical performance is truly superb. Moreover, at Freeman Technology a team of experts is always available for any immediate scientific and technical support. Having an FT4 powder tester on the lab, I just wonder now how in the world I ever could have worked without it.”

Dr Arjen Tinke, Principal Scientist Powder Characterisation, Janssen Research & Development

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