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Reviewing the traditional powder testing toolkit

Reviewing the traditional powder testing toolkit

Engineers have been devising ways to quantify powder behaviour for many decades and a wide range of testers enjoy routine use across powder processing industries. Flowability – the ease with which a powder flows – is arguably the most important characteristic of powder behaviour and often the focus of measurements. With all industry facing increasing emphasis on more efficient manufacture and consistently high product quality, the need for reliable, relevant and precise flowability measurement has steadily intensified which makes it timely to review the capabilities of traditional flowability test methods. Being realistic about the value and limitations of traditional techniques is essential for their appropriate use and supports the process of evaluating alternative powder testing solutions. 

In his Powder Flow Insights series on LinkedIn, Tim Freeman starts a new series of posts which sees him move on from discussing the variables that impact powder flowability, to the topic of powder testing, beginning with an assessment of some traditional powder testing tools within the context of modern requirements for information.

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