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Tim Freeman invited keynote speaker at University of Lund course on powder technology

Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman Technology, will deliver the keynote lecture at ‘Powder Technology in Pharma, Food, Chemistry and Metallurgy’, a new course at the University of Lund, Sweden, October 23-25 designed to support those tackling challenges in powder research and processing. The course will help attendees to develop a better understanding of powder behaviour, of the tools available for powder characterisation, and of modern processing technology. It is suitable for those working in academia or industry, in R&D or production. More information on the event can be found here.

Tim Freeman’s lecture will look at the basics of powder behaviour, focusing especially on powder flowability which has a defining influence on the efficiency of many processes. He will outline the mechanisms that define particle interactions and go on to examine the properties of powders that need to be measured to develop a better understanding of in-process performance. Part of the first day’s activity, this talk will provide the introductory knowledge of powders needed to develop more efficient formulations and effective process optimisation strategies.

Across days 2 and 3 the course will look at the many unit operations used to process powders and tailor their properties including: compaction and sintering; milling; fluidisation; granulation; and conveying. A wide ranging programme of talks will also include speed lab sessions illustrating powder behaviour. The course will conclude with an optional day 4 where attendees can take part in a demo of optical and scanning electron microscopy, bringing their own samples for analysis. Registration is now closed. 

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