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Transitioning to in-line powder flowability measurement

Transitioning to in-line powder flowability measurement

The flow properties of powders are a topic of significant industrial interest. The flowability of intermediates routinely impacts manufacturing efficiency, for example the maximum achievable tableting rate for a pharmaceutical formulation, while for products as diverse as powder coatings, fertilizers, metal and milk powders flow properties directly influence performance, and by extension value. Numerous powder testing techniques have been developed to meet the resulting need to quantify flow properties, with dynamic powder testing, an at-line technique, demonstrating particularly high sensitivity and process relevance. Ongoing efforts to boost the efficiency of powder processing create demand for real-time powder flow characterization technology to transfer and optimally integrate effective specifications within the process environment.

In a recent article in Powder Bulk Solids, we consider the requirements for powder flowability measurement, introducing in-line technology that delivers data that are closely comparable to those produced by dynamic powder testing. The potential for complementary application of the two techniques is illustrated via experimental results.

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